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epcalipersicon-180x180EP Calipers is an app that allows you to use electronic calipers to make measurements on images of ECGs or EP recordings.  See this post for more details.

EP Calipers is available for iPhone or iPad,  Android devices,  Mac, and Microsoft Windows™.  Click on the links in the previous sentence to go to the download pages of each version, except for the Microsoft version, for which see the next section.

Notes on EP Calipers for Windows

There are two versions of EP Calipers for Windows.  Both versions have exactly the same features.  Both versions require an up-to-date version of Windows 10.  The first version is a self-contained zip file and is available for download from FastSpring.  It runs as a normal Windows program.  Unzip the downloaded file and double-click on setup.exe to install the program.

The second version is available from the Microsoft App Store.

Once again, both versions are identical in function.  Which version you should download depends on whether you want to have a self-contained version of the program or want to use the Microsoft App Store.  Both versions will run on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.  One consideration:  the FastSpring version is $4.99, and the Microsoft App Store version is less expensive at $3.99.  Updates to the program are free for both versions; however users with the Microsoft Store version will receive automatic update notices, which is not (at present) possible via FastSpring.  Purchasers of the FastSpring version of EP Calipers will be emailed a coupon for free updates shortly after their purchase.  Email me at mannd@epstudiossoftware.com if you don’t receive this coupon.  Follow me on Twitter (@manndmd) to hear about new version releases.

It is possible to run the FastSpring version on earlier versions of Windows (back to Vista SP2!); however,  it is necessary to download the Windows Universal CRT update.  Please read the instructions of the linked page carefully to set up your system.

Note on PDF files in the Microsoft Windows Version

NEWSFLASH!!  As of version 1.6 of EP Calipers for Windows it is not necessary to download the Ghostscript library to your computer to view PDF files.  PDF files can be opened just like other image files.  The instructions below only apply to earlier versions of the program and can be ignored if your version is greater than or equal to 1.6.

If you are using versions 1.5 or earlier of EP Calipers for Windows:  In order to view PDF files with the Microsoft Windows version of EP Calipers, it is necessary to download  and install Ghostscript on your computer. Ghostscript is a free, open-source PDF handling library. It is available from this site. Download the Windows version (32-bit or 64-bit) that is appropriate for your computer. You can right-click on This PC in a File Explorer window and then click properties to see what kind of system (32-bit or 64-bit) you are running. You can install the download from the GNU Affero General Public License column, which is the free version. This version can be used because EP Calipers is itself open-source software covered by the GNU GPL v3.  This is only required with Windows.  All other platforms support PDF files natively.  If you choose not to install Ghostscript, the program will still work with the exception that it cannot open PDF files.  However, using the transparent window mode of the program, you can make measurements on any image or document open on your Windows desktop.  So if you have the ability to open PDF files in an external program (say, a web browser), you will be able to make measurements.

Transparent Window and the Fall Creators Windows Update:  Well, darn, the Fall Creators Windows Update breaks the transparent window functionality of EP Calipers.  If you have the option, avoid this update.  A workaround exists in EP Calipers version 1.9 and later.  This is the Alternative Transparency setting, available in the Options dialog.  This setting creates a floating semi-transparent window that can be used to make measurements on other windows open on your desktop.  We hope Microsoft fixes the problem with full transparency in their next update.

UPDATE!  The FastSpring version of EP Calipers, specifically version 1.10 and up, has a fix to the transparency issues mentioned above.  Full transparency works in this version.  Unfortunately the version in the Windows Store (also version 1.10) still has problems with full transparency.  If a fully transparent floating window is important to your work, the FastSpring download is recommended.


Calculating QTc on a Windows PC
Measuring mean rate and interval on a Mac
Measuring mean rate and interval on a Mac
Making EP measurements on an iPad
Making EP measurements on an iPad
Marching calipers on the MacOS version
EP Calipers running on Microsoft Vista using the Universal CRT

YouTube videos

EP Calipers for Windows
(Note that this video does not demonstrate the transparent window mode)

EP Calipers on iPad

 Angle Calipers
New Features, including transparent window mode


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