About EP Studios

EP Studios, Inc. is a little company of more or less one person that I started around 2003 in order to separate my programming hobby from my real job as a doctor.  As an electrophysiologist in private practice (having previously been in academics) I found it useful to code some drug dose calculators into my Android phone.  Over time more calculators and reference material accreted and eventually was born EP Mobile.  I uploaded EP Mobile to the Google Play store where it was (and remains) a free app, free of ads.  I then ported the app over to Apple iOS, but, somewhat miffed at the $99 per year developers fee, I found it necessary to charge a minimal fee for the iOS version so as not to operate at a loss.  Upgrades, new platforms, and new apps followed.  I have since retired from medicine, but keeping the apps up to date and running despite operating system upgrades’ best attempts to break them is a fun but challenging job.

My aim is to provide some apps and programs that are useful particularly to cardiac electrophysiologists as well as cardiologists and doctors in general.  Having been-there, done-that, doctor-wise, I’m in a unique position to write apps from a doctorly point-of-view, i.e. useful to actual doctors.  You know what the opposite of that is.  Uh, EHRs maybe?

My philosophy is to provide apps at low or no cost.  None of the apps have ads, not even the free ones.  All the apps are open source.  Feel free to make suggestions, write pull requests, or fork the code (make sure you follow the open source license requirements though).  I try to incorporate any (reasonable) user suggestions into the apps.  I am trying to help my app users out, not make a ton of money.  So far this aspect (not making a ton of money) has been largely successful.

What’s the blog all about?  Don’t ask.  Just read what you want of it.  We (the royal we at this point) tend to write whatever pops into our head about things we care about.  Not necessarily medical stuff.  Or computer stuff.  Or science fiction stuff.  Or political stuff.  Or other stuff.  It’s all of the above and more.

Working at EP Studios

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