About EP Studios

EP Studios, Inc. is basically my excuse to spend more time on the computer without feeling too guilty.  Over the years I have produced surprisingly little software, but have had fun doing it.  After all, in real life I am a cardiac electrophysiologist, which means essentially no free time for programming and blogging.  But I manage to do some anyway.  Update!  I have retired from medicine.  I will need to come up with a new excuse for my low productivity.

Our aim is to provide some apps and programs that are useful particularly to cardiac electrophysiologists as well as cardiologists and doctors in general.  Having been-there, done-that, doctor-wise, we are in a unique position to write apps from a doctorly point-of-view, i.e. useful to actual doctors.  You know what the opposite of that is.  Uh, EHRs maybe?

Our philosophy is to provide apps at low or no cost.  None of our apps have ads, not even the free ones.  All our apps are open source.  Feel free to make suggestions, write pull requests, or fork our code (make sure you follow the open source license requirements though).  We try to incorporate any (reasonable) user suggestions into the apps.  We are trying to help our app users out, not make a ton of money (we’re not).

What’s the blog all about?  Don’t ask.  Just read what you want of it.  We (the royal we at this point) tend to write whatever pops into our head about things we care about.  ‘T’ain’t necessarily medical stuff.  Or computer stuff.  Or science fiction stuff.  Or political stuff.  Or other stuff.  It’s all of the above and more.

Working at EP Studios

EP Studios offers the EP Mobile app that is meant to be a Swiss Army Knife of electrophysiology tools for Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets.

EP Calipers is available for multiple platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows).  It is an electronic caliper program that is useful for making precise measurements on ECGs and electrophysiologic recordings.

EP Coding is an Android and Apple iOS app that is intended for cardiac electrophysiology doctors who need to look up procedure codes.

MorbidMeter is a tiny diversion that you may or may not find amusing.  A version of MorbidMeter for Android phones is also available.

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