About EP Mobile

There has been somewhat of a deafening silence here at EP Studios with regard to blog posts.  While my friend Dr. John M continues his torrential flow of bloggery, I have been more subdued than I usually am (which is already pretty subdued) and have left some tempting blog topics untouched because I’ve been preoccupied. … Continue reading About EP Mobile

Medicare ICD Guidelines Exegesis

In the process of preparing a module for my EP Mobile program on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for using implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICD), I have had to delve deeply into the source document for said guidelines, the Medicare National Coverage Determination (NCD) Manual, more specifically, Chapter 1, Part 1,  Section… Continue reading Medicare ICD Guidelines Exegesis

Science For Sale

I have written about this before, but I am still shocked by the stultifying effect copyright law has on the dissemination of science.  In looking to expand my first attempt at an Android app, EP Mobile, I used “The Google” to look up various algorithms for localization of accessory pathways.  I remembered that there were… Continue reading Science For Sale

Social Media and Medicine — A Good Mix?

Businesses have been quick to latch on to social media: isn’t it great that you can “Like” your septic tank cleaning company?  Books have been written on optimizing use of social media in business settings.  Yet in the medical business, there are reasons to hesitate before jumping onto the social media tidal wave. Medical blogging… Continue reading Social Media and Medicine — A Good Mix?

Multaq Woes Multiply

There’s more bad news about the heavily marketed atrial fibrillation drug, Multaq (aka dronedarone).  Fast on the heels of reports that the drug can cause liver failure, we learned yesterday that the PALLAS trial was stopped prematurely due to increased cardiovascular events in the group on Multaq.  Incredibly the PALLAS trial was designed to test… Continue reading Multaq Woes Multiply

Weathering The Storm

Sometimes the stars are aligned a certain way and good things happen.  Sometimes they line up another way and #@$% happens.  I seem to be in the latter phase right now.  Among the bad things that have happened, a low point was my Monday this week.  After being on call over the weekend, I assisted… Continue reading Weathering The Storm

Who Should Get An MRI-Compatible Pacemaker?

The Medtronic Revo MRI SureScan™ pacemaker is out, and the natural question arises: who should get it?  Up until now, pacemakers have not coexisted well with MRI scanners. Problems including inductive heating of the leads, spurious reprogramming, and various malfunctions have been reported.  Up until now, patients getting pacemakers have been told that they could… Continue reading Who Should Get An MRI-Compatible Pacemaker?

Startling New Guideline Conflict of Interest Revelations!

Fast on the heels of a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine this week showing that over 50% of cardiologists who write clinical practice guidelines have potential conflicts of interests with drug or device companies, comes an even more startling revelation.  A new study published today reveals that an astounding 100% of those… Continue reading Startling New Guideline Conflict of Interest Revelations!