EP Studios Projects

EP Mobile

Ah yes, the electrophysiologist’s version of the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook.  See the EP Mobile page.

EP Calipers

EP Calipers brings the electronic calipers electrophysiologists use to your phone, tablet, Mac or PC.  Check it out on the EP Calipers page.

EP Coding

EP Coding is available on Google Play and on the Apple iTunes App Store.  EP Coding has its own page.  The app is designed to help steer cardiac electrophysiologists through the difficult coding maze for their procedures.

EP QTc and QTc Library

EP QTc is the ultimate QTc (and QTp) calculator.  We have been working on a library of QTc formulas, trying to be as inclusive and detailed as possible.  The QTc library is written in Swift and can be incorporated into your own MacOS or iOS apps.  EP QTc is a program written for iOS devices, utilizing this library.  It is available on the App Store.  For more information see the blog post  Hacking the QTc.



MorbidMeter is an irreverent program that has nothing to do with EP, but
which you might find entertaining — or not. It is available as an Android widget or can be run on your desktop.   A version for Pebble watches also exists, though sadly, Pebble has been bought by Fitbit and it seems will die a slow, lingering death.  Please see this post for the backstory of MorbidMeter.

Other, more dubious projects


Clickit has been completely rewritten using AutoIt, a more advanced scripting language than the old Microsoft Scriptit utility used in the first versions of Clickit. A new gui interface allows you to fine tune your scripts as well as provides useful user feedback during program execution. You can test your scripts on Windows Notepad before running them. Clickit can be used to sign documents on your EMR, such as Allscripts. End the mindless mouse clicking! Do something useful while your computer automatically does the mindless clicking. That’s what computers are for, right? Use Clickit!

Inertialess Drive Starship Simulator

Here’s an update on this app.  It has been pretty well thought out, in my head.  It is something similar to No Man’s Sky, only with more primitive graphics, and a plot.   Other priorities have prevented transferring it from my head to my computer.

Well, we’re not too sure what we’re going to call it, but we are working on an actual game for Apple and Android phones, phablets and tablets, based on the technology found in Edward E. Smith’s classic Lensman series.  We will develop this in parallel using Apple’s new Swift language, and Java for Android.  So far everything is very preliminary, but we’ll keep you posted when we are getting close to releasing something.

Other, more extinct projects

EP Office for Windows is no longer available.

EP Simulator never really got off the ground.  Its bones lie somewhere on my GitHub page.  I mention it only because it is probably the most frequently asked about program on my GitHub page.

To see other software in various stages of development, visit my site at GitHub.