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What is EP Coding?


EP Coding is a mobile app for Android phones or tablets and Apple iPhone or iPad that can be used to select appropriate CPT® codes for cardiac electrophysiology (EP) procedures.  The coding of these procedures is complex and changed last year (2013).   Physicians often need to enter these codes themselves directly into Electronic Health Record (EHR) programs and are often at a loss as to which codes to enter (I write from personal experience).  For a full discussion of the rationale of the app and the rationale for using a subset of copyrighted CPT® codes in the app, see this post.

Who should use EP Coding? 

Physicians who perform EP procedures and are required to submit CPT® codes for these procedures.  EP Coding is intended to help EP physicians enter the correct codes in an EHR system.  It is not intended for professional coders nor is it a substitute for the AMA official CPT® documentation.

How does EP Coding help?

  •  Lists relevant CPT® codes for EP procedures, with succinct descriptions.
  •  Makes clear which codes cannot be combined for specific procedures.
  •  Analyzes selected codes for errors and warnings.
  •  Provides help on how to code procedures.


  •  EP procedure codes only.
  •  No surgical EP codes (e.g. LV lead via thoracotomy).
  •  Some rare or obsolete codes are not included.
  •  Code descriptions are paraphrased.
  •  Code components are not given or incomplete.
  •  No office based or in-patient billing codes.
  •  No device programming codes.
  •  No coding modifiers are suggested.


Apple iOS

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 6, 2014, 7.58.10 PMiOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 6, 2014, 7.58.22 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 6, 2014, 7.59.26 PMiOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 6, 2014, 8.02.21 PM


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    1. Thank you Dena! That’s probably the nicest comment I have every received. I am tempted to frame it and put it on my wall so that I can look at it whenever I get down. I’ll try not to disappoint you!

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