EP Mobile Update

The EP Mobile app is 11 years old, and was long overdue for an update. Recently I updated the Android version of the app, and I just finished updating the Apple version. I’ll use the Apple version to illustrate some of the recent changes in the app. The primary goal of the update was to… Continue reading EP Mobile Update

Introducing EP Diagram

The ECG ladder diagram app EP Diagram is at long last finished, after nearly 2 years of development. The 2 year time span reflects more on me than on the app itself. There were programming techniques I had to learn in the course of developing the app that I didn’t know when I started its… Continue reading Introducing EP Diagram

On Political Correctness

[Editor’s note: In reprinting this 2007 essay we have taken the liberty of updating the original with the aim of making it more palatable to today’s college students.  We have taken care to remove language that, while acceptable at the time of writing according to the standards of the era, can no longer be tolerated in… Continue reading On Political Correctness

The Name of the Wind Review

I just spent about two months of my life trudging through Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind and now look back at the experience with decidedly mixed feelings.  The e-book was 872 electronic pages long.  If you have read many e-books, you know that is a door-stop sized e-book.  And it is just volume 1… Continue reading The Name of the Wind Review

What's It All About?

No, this entry is not the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (we already know that answer is 42).   I’ve noted (using awstats, a free web site statistics program), a bump in the number of hits on this blog site since my last entry which my friend and colleague, “Dr.… Continue reading What's It All About?

Panera Wants My Phone Number

Like so many other businesses, the coffee/pastry chain Panera Bread has launched a rewards card program.  I was given the card a week or so ago and was told I needed to register it online.  When I went to the website there was a form requesting a whole slew of personal info: address, phone numbers,… Continue reading Panera Wants My Phone Number

Hello world!

This is the brand-new EP Studios weblog.  Some actual content is coming soon.  Please feel free to comment on any issues relating to EP, software, computers, politics or anything else.  EP Studios is a pretty laid-back company, in addition to being a pretty small company, so the opinions expressed here actually do reflect the opinions… Continue reading Hello world!