Subliminal Message in McCain Response to Obama Infomercial

Didn’t anyone notice in McCain’s response ad to Obama’s infomercial last night that it contained what appears to be a nearly subliminal photo of Obama wearing a white Muslim-style hat? During the ad there are a number of still photos shown, separated by a loud old-fashioned flash camera sound. One of those photos, shown for a fraction of a second only, is the Obama/Muslim hat picture. It is literally shown so quickly that it is difficult to see or appreciate, but it is definitely there, as those with a DVR can easily demonstrate. All the commentators seemed to miss it; I haven’t heard anyone talking about it. It seems to be an attempt to implant a subliminal message in the mind of the viewer that Obama might be a Muslim. Watch it yourself — I’m sure it’s on YouTube, and see for yourself. It’s just more McCain-Palin-Republican creepiness.

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