EP Mobile Update

The EP Mobile app is 11 years old, and was long overdue for an update. Recently I updated the Android version of the app, and I just finished updating the Apple version. I’ll use the Apple version to illustrate some of the recent changes in the app. The primary goal of the update was to… Continue reading EP Mobile Update

The Apple Watch Experience

Recently I started working on porting an old Android widget called MorbidMeter to the Apple Watch. I did this the cheapest way possible, namely via testing using the Apple Watch simulator that comes with Xcode, the Apple programming environment. When I submitted the app to the Apple Store for testing, the Apple Overlords immediately detected… Continue reading The Apple Watch Experience

Introducing EP Diagram

The ECG ladder diagram app EP Diagram is at long last finished, after nearly 2 years of development. The 2 year time span reflects more on me than on the app itself. There were programming techniques I had to learn in the course of developing the app that I didn’t know when I started its… Continue reading Introducing EP Diagram

The Case for Wagner

I fell in love with classical music at an early age. My parents in the early 1960s purchased a combined Magnovox record player and TV, a so-called console, and in addition to the records of movie sound tracks that they liked to play, such as My Fair Lady and The Music Man, they had a… Continue reading The Case for Wagner

My Reading Adventure

I owe my love of reading to Scrooge McDuck, Tom Swift Jr., Lord Greystoke and John Carter of Virginia, Holmes and Watson, Kimball Kinnison, Podkayne Fries, Mithrandir, Steerpike and Fuschia, Conan the Barbarian, Cthulhu, Paul Janus Finnegan, Clark Savage Jr., and a host of other characters. Or, more properly, to Carl Barks, the Stratemeyer Syndicate,… Continue reading My Reading Adventure

Ebooks for Learning a Foreign Language

I prefer reading real books. I love their feel, their heft, even their smell–musty and old, or inky and new. Some books have beautiful bindings, dust-covers with wonderful artwork, high-quality paper and lovely fonts. They are a pleasure to read. Even the lowly paperback with its fragile binding and quickly deteriorating paper can spark joy.… Continue reading Ebooks for Learning a Foreign Language

A New Look

It was about time. The EP Studios website was soooo 2013. An overhaul was long overdue. As you may have noticed, the site looks different now. I upgraded to the WordPress Twenty Twenty theme, nicely mobile-friendly. I flattened out the menu–no more submenus. I eliminated some outdated pages. I upgraded the remaining pages with new… Continue reading A New Look

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The Bittersweet Life of Clara Bow

For some reason I became fascinated by the actress Clara Bow. Like so many of the tangents I go off on, this one started with some clips on YouTube. Delving more deeply, I purchased some DVDs and read David Senn’s biography of Clara: Clara Bow, Runnin’ Wild. Clara’s life is both inspiring and sad—a glimpse… Continue reading The Bittersweet Life of Clara Bow

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