Testing Emacs Weblogger Mode

I installed WebloggerMode into Emacs 23.1 and am testing it out. Yes,
right here, live! Typing text into Emacs, even some simple
HTML is much faster and more fun than typing into the
Wordpress text editor. I’ve got all my memorized shortcuts in Emacs to
create my text. Supposedly I can post and publish my entry straight
into my blog site with a few simple keystrokes. I don’t know. I haven’t
tried it yet, but if you are reading this presumably it worked. So this
is just a short testing post; hopefully more will follow from Emacs.

Well, here I am back in the WordPress editor box. My Weblogger post posted fine, only problem was it got assigned to the uncategorized category. Haven’t figured out how to set categories in Weblogger — yet. Otherwise, pretty cool Emacs mode.

By mannd

I am a retired cardiac electrophysiologist who has worked both in private practice in Louisville, Kentucky and as a Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado in Denver. I am interested not only in medicine, but also in computer programming, music, science fiction, fantasy, 30s pulp literature, and a whole lot more.

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