Voyage Season 4 Part 2 Is Coming!

I’ve posted before about the DVD releases of the 60s TV series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  Although without a doubt the first 2 seasons (especially the black and white first season) were the best, there is something great or at least nostalgic to the true Voyage fan in all of the shows.  Fox DVD released the first 3 seasons fairly quickly (each season divided between 2 DVD sets), but then a long period of time passed without any word of the fourth season release.  Fans began to panic.  This thread speculating on the release of the fourth season was created.  Ah the agony and ecstasy of the fans, the rise and fall of hope that Fox would finish the job they had started years ago!  The desperate emails to Fox from the fans, the disheartening silence from Fox in return!  Finally in March of 2009, the first half of season 4 was released.  Despite being within a half a season of completing the series, it did not appear to be a sure thing that the final half of season 4 would ever be released.  Speculation again ran rampant on the above mentioned thread.  The economy crashed.  DVD sales dropped.  There seemed little hope that the last DVD set would ever be released.  Fox was silent, but no doubt badgered by the legions of Voyage fans who emailed, called and wrote them.  Well the fan effort paid off!  Unbelievably, the last DVD set is due for release on January 11.  You can pre-order from Amazon. Highly recommended for baby-boomers who grew up with the show.  For others, you might start with season 1.  Very good non-CGI special effects, as well as good acting from Richard Basehart and David Hedison in spite of some silly plots.

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  1. Where’s the Bluray lol? I might get this actually. Cheezy but somehow addicting. Dad’s normal fair… 🙂

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