Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Season 4

I’ve been going through the Season 4  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea DVDs.  The first half of this season has some memorable episodes, although the second half degenerates into typical “monster of the week” episodes before the show’s final oblivion at the end of this season.  Watching the shows again brings me back to my teenage years of the 1960s and I have truly enjoyed the experience.  Here are some screenshots from the episodes “Man of Many Faces.”  This episode recalls the glory days of the first two seasons and counterbalances some of the more forgettable episodes.  The episode is more notable for its drama and off-Seaview locations than special effects shots, but these screenshots indicate that even in season 4 some new effects shots were made.

Seaview Flank Speed
Seaview Bow Closeup
Flying Sub Crash Landing
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