The Bittersweet Life of Clara Bow

For some reason I became fascinated by the actress Clara Bow. Like so many of the tangents I go off on, this one started with some clips on YouTube. Delving more deeply, I purchased some DVDs and read David Senn’s biography of Clara: Clara Bow, Runnin’ Wild. Clara’s life is both inspiring and sad—a glimpse… Continue reading The Bittersweet Life of Clara Bow

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Massive Heart Attacks

Carrie Fisher’s sad, premature death is an occasion to reflect upon the poor job the news media does in reporting medical news. The initial report from TMZ had the headline “Carrie Fisher Massive Heart Attack on Plane.” If one equates “heart attack” to the more precise medical term “myocardial infarction,” as is usually done, then this… Continue reading Massive Heart Attacks

1984 in 2014

I am rereading George Orwell’s 1984.  The first time I read it was in the 1960s.  Reading it again I wonder if he shouldn’t have titled it 2014.  The book is closer to reality now than it ever was.  No, we don’t have a dictator named Big Brother looming over us.  But the ubiquitous electronic… Continue reading 1984 in 2014

Le Truman Show

Le “Truman Show” est un film qui est sorti en 1998.  C’était réalisé par Peter Weir et c’était écrit par Andrew Niccol.  Le personnage principal est Truman Burbank qui est joué par Jim Carrey.  Truman Burbank est un homme normal qui vit dans une ville normale. Son enfance était heureuse. Il es     t… Continue reading Le Truman Show

The Music of James Bond

One of the perks of blogging is that it gives one a license to write about topics that one really is not an expert on (a trait that my readers have doubtless discovered on their own).  And speaking of licenses to do things… there is the double zero license to kill, granted by the British… Continue reading The Music of James Bond

John Carter (of Mars)

  I saw the movie John Carter last night.  Having read many of the reviews that label the movie a flop and failure, I was happily surprised to find it is a very good movie.  The reviewers all harp on the large price tag ($250 M) of the movie and the relatively low return of… Continue reading John Carter (of Mars)

Most Popular Post and Goodbye to a Goddess

I installed WordPress Jetpack recently.  Among other features, it tracks traffic to individual blog posts.  It’s interesting that of all the topics I’ve blogged about, this is the most popular post.  There is not doubt that the special effects of that old series, especially the surface shots, hold up very well even by today’s standards. … Continue reading Most Popular Post and Goodbye to a Goddess

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Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo is a film about obsession, so perhaps it is not strange that the film itself can become an obsession to the viewer. Scotty’s first view of Madeleine If you have not seen the film, stop right here and go out and get it on DVD or watch in on TV —… Continue reading Vertigo

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