Sluggo Going Into Semiretirement

As I write this I am anxiously awaiting the rest of a shipment from; for, after much anticipation, SuperSluggo is on the verge of instantiation.  As all Sluggo fans know, Sluggo is possibly the slowest, most primitive computer still running on the planet, but nevertheless the guardian and protector of this very website.  Residing for years in the fabled “Sluggo’s Corner” of my condo, the first step I have made is to move him out into our kitchen.  Hooked to an ethernet jack, and soon to be hooked to a coaxial cable, Sluggo will continue to provide entertainment in the form of TV programs, internet access, etc, etc.  I had to make way for SuperSluggo, whose specs include a quad core processor, 1.5 terabytes of harddrive, 4 gigs of RAM, and a brand new Acer 24# wide screen LCD.  SuperSluggo will be a screamer – a term I remember from Byte magazine adds from the 80’s when they were talking about 8 KHz processors and 10 MB harddrives.  Anyway, the screen arrived yesterday, and I am sitting here awaiting the rest of the shipment from UPS.  I am not going to leave home and am prepared to starve to death rather than miss the UPS man.  Once SS (SuperSluggo) arrives, will it cast old Sluggo in such a bad light that I will permanently retire it, after copying the meager contents of its harddrive into a out-of-the-way corner of SS’s 1.5 terabytes?  Or will nostalgia grant old Sluggo a continued home in the family?  Only time will tell.

By mannd

I am a retired cardiac electrophysiologist who has worked both in private practice in Louisville, Kentucky and as a Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado in Denver. I am interested not only in medicine, but also in computer programming, music, science fiction, fantasy, 30s pulp literature, and a whole lot more.

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