Sneak Preview — First Screenshots from EPSimulator

The new EP Studios project is a simulation of an EP recording system.  The program is loosely based on the CardioLab system I have used for years.  The program will be released under an open source license sometime (?) in 2007.


By mannd

I am a retired cardiac electrophysiologist who has worked both in private practice in Louisville, Kentucky and as a Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado in Denver. I am interested not only in medicine, but also in computer programming, music, science fiction, fantasy, 30s pulp literature, and a whole lot more.


  1. Hello, i visit your site searching by web.. I want to know if you can help me.. i’m a biomedical engineer student living in Milano, Italy. For my thesis i’m using the software “CardioLab EP 4.1” system. My hope is to find a method to “translate” the patterns of EGC recorded in files (saved as R0.rdc ) in a simple numeric sequence, maybe a .txt file, in order to work with MatLab. Could you help me in some ways? I’ll be very gratefhul..

  2. Hello, i also want to know “R0.rdc ” file’s format.That is to say:how can i read the ECG data that stored in this file.I want to use the data to display ECG wave .

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